Honda S2000 F20C electrical water pump conversion kit

A simple kit to remove the existing mechanical Honda water pump and thermostat housing, enabling the fitment of an electric water pump of your choosing.

The kit includes a water-in manifold, alternator mounting and adjuster to suit your alternator belt. This really simplifies the auxiliary belt layout, with the auxiliary belt driving the alternator directly.

Fitting the kit requires:-

1.  Discarding standard mechanical water pump and thermostat housing, auxiliary belt tensioner and idler, and the air con pump.

2.  Replacing the inlet manifold with throttle bodies, as this removes the need for the brackets that hold the standard inlet manifold at the front.  (This bracket is not compatible with the kit.) The water system is massively simplified, with simply a water inlet pipe into the block (provided as part of this kit) and water out of cylinder head (provided with throttle bodies/competition manifold)   

3. Fitting of your own electric water pump, engine plumbing and radiator. 

4. If you need in car heater using engine coolant, you will need to construct your own circuit using the basic 2 pipes used for engine cooling.

5. Removing the water bypass that feeds the oil filter base. This is not required when using a dry sump kit, which is usually fitted alongside this kit.

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