Hart 420R

Hart 420R engines and parts available from 2 litre to 3 litre

We have a longstanding involvement with Hart Engines, with John Beattie and Race Engine Design building Hart engines since 1985.

We can supply New HART BDG on dynoyou with any replacement parts that you need for your Hart 420R through to a complete new engine to your specifications and run on dyno.  Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Race, Rally, Sprint, Hill Climb   –    Hart 420R HART BDG in Escort Mk1engines

Our engines have appeared in almost all forms of motorsport, from Formula 2 historic races through to installation in cars such as the Ford Escort.

Hart 420R

We can supply both original specification cylinder heads consistent with original head castings, combustion chamber shape and small ports.   We can also supply a revised cylinder head for the Hart 420R with much larger ports, modified combustion chamber shape with more compression-ratio related options for use in Hill climb.


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