Welcome to Race Engine Design.

Race Engine Design have over 30 years history in developing high performance reliable competition engines for Race, Rally, Sprint, Hill Climb and Rally Cross.   During this time we have been involved in numerous projects, some as one-offs, others where we have had significant demand for ongoing development.

Here at Race Engine Design we would love to hear what you are up to with our Products.   Why not drop us an email on events and championships that your are entering, results, photos, videos etc, we will then share with everyone else on our Website.   That way not only can you help your sponsors with further coverage, but also find out what everyone else is up to.  Email us here

To receive further details on any of the race engine products listed for sale on our website, or if you have a specialised custom requirement please contact us or call us on 07801 465705.

Hart, S2000 & Proton competition engine development