Honda S2000

Honda S2000 2ltr and 2.3 ltr

The Honda S2000 Engine is one of the most advanced production 2 litre engines in the world. As such, it is an excellent basis for a good honda-s2000strong, powerful high revving reliable 2ltr engine. A standard Honda unit gives around 230 BHP @ 8500RPM. With a Throttle body kit, our ECU and an EXHAUST we can achieve 255BHP @ 9000RPM with 175 FTLBS of TORQUE.


Installations include Vauxhall Tigra, Ford Escort, Talbot Sunbeam and Darrian for Rally cross, Autograss and Rallying.

Honda S2000 2 ltr

With the latest modifications we has2000-dyno-graphve achieved 255 bhp ” 9000rpm. These engines offer superior performance to almost anything currently available for much less money. Installation
s vary from Escorts, Vauxhall Tigra, Darrian, Wesfields to Sunbeams.


Honda 2.3 ltr

We have also developed an S2000 based 2.3 Honda Engine producing 276bhp@ 8000rpm 190ftlbs @ 6000rpm and 150ftlbs@3000rpm.  See Honda 2.3 Dyno Graph

Honda S2000 Dry sump kit

We produce a high quality DRY SUMP PAN and PUMP with all fittings, belt and pulleys to fit this unit. Using this system allows the unit to be lowered 100mm down into the chassis.RED Honda-s2000 dry sump kit

Honda S2000 to Ford Type 9 gearbox

We produce and a new bell housing to mate the Honda engine to a Type 9 Ford gearbox.

honda-s2000 to ford gearbox bell housing

Hart, S2000 & Proton competition engine development