Hart 420R and Hart 420R Gen II

Hart 420R engines and parts available from 2 litre to 3 litre

We can supply New HART BDG on dynoyou with any replacement parts that you need for your Hart 420R through to a complete new engine to your specifications and run on dyno.    Please see our Hart Products page.

Race, Rally, Sprint, Hill Climb   –    Hart 420R HART BDG in Escort Mk1 and Ford BDG engines

Our engines have appeared in almost all forms of motorsport, from Formula 2 historic races through to installation in cars such as the Ford Escort.

Our Longstanding involvement with Hart engines

John Beattie and Race Engine Design has been involved in the building of HART engines since 1985. Because of the difficulties with Brian Hart retiring from engine development and stopping production of parts, RACE ENGINE DESIGN LTD has developed a replacement cylinder block incorporating our own improvements,.  Extra wall thickness around the Siamese bores for extra strength, 2 ribs around the bores for extra rigidity, extra material at crank-line level for less flexing, along with the choice of extra height to incorporate longer con-rod lengths.  We  produce a single trough sump for those customers wishing to maintain historic specification.

Cylinder Head sealing for Hart 420R engines

We do two types of cylinder head sealing

  1. Conventional HEAD GASKET
  2. BRONZE SEALING RINGS and ‘O’ RNew HART BDG cylinder headINGS to seal oil and water drillings. We machine a gas escape path around the outside of the sealing ring in the event of any compressed gas leakage.  This stops the tendency to boil the cooling fluid in the event of a cylinder head leak, allowing the gas out to atmosphere.
Hart 420R and Hart 420R Generation II heads

We can supply both original specification cylinder heads consistent with original head castings, combustion chamber shape and small ports.   We can also supply a revised cylinder head for the Hart 420R with much larger ports, modified combustion chamber shape with more compression-ratio related options.

Latest Hart Generation III engine developments

We are currently working on a Third Generation head for the Hart 420R engine, suitable for Race, Rally and Rally cross.  Keep up to date with all Hart related developments on our home page news feed.

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